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ENG 100

Course Description

ENG 100 integrates core reading and writing skills. This foundational course develops students’ reading, composition, and revision skills so they will be able to produce the essays expected of students who successfully complete ENG 110, Expository Writing. Students will learn how to use readings and discussion as the foundation for expository essays and research projects. Students will be introduced to the use of print and online secondary sources. On completion of the course, students will be able to read and write critically about a variety of texts, integrating their own ideas with those of the readings. This course combines in one semester the work of developmental writing/developmental reading and ENG 110. Students who pass ENG 100 will have fulfilled the requirements of ENG 110.

Syllabus Template

Accessible ENG100 Syllabus (updated Spring 2023)

Developmental Coordinator contact information

English 100 is overseen by Professor Ann Genzale.